Pink Lemonade Cooler Syrup • 1 x 1ltr


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Simply Pink Lemonade is sweet and refreshing, a unique taste that is perfect for warm weather. What is pink lemonade? The primary flavour in the syrup is lemon, which gives it a tangy and slightly acidic taste. However, the lemon is balanced by the addition of raspberry juice concentrate, which provides a fruity and slightly sweet hint.

Pink lemonade concentrate is perfectly paired with just ice and cold water, this delicious and easy to use cooler will have you feeling fresh and uplifted. A popular syrup used to create pink lemonade cocktails or mocktails. Simply Pink Lemonade Cooler Syrup is a versatile and delicious option that is sure to impress.

This syrup is vegan friendly, GMO free, gluten free, alcohol free and is made with high quality ingredients, no artificial colours and flavourings.

Comes with: Pink Lemonade Cooler • A4 Poster

Pink Lemonade method:


1. Add 30ml of syrup to a glass or smoothie cup of water.
2. Stir before serving.
3. Add ice and a slice if desired.
4. Secure a lid and finish by inserting a straw if required.

Items required: PSA338 Pink Lemonade Cooler Syrup 1 x 1ltr • £10.97

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