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Indulge in the nutty flavour and rich taste of Simply Peanut Butter Syrup! With taste notes of creamy peanut butter on the palate, the delectable taste will surprise you just how good it is. The smooth texture mixes perfectly with liquids and desserts to create peanut butter recipes easily.

Enhance your drinks with this classic flavour, peanut butter is a popular ingredient loved by many people around the world. If you’re looking to make a peanut butter hot chocolate, smoothie or milkshake, this is the perfect syrup for you. Endless possibilities, you can even make peanut butter desserts with a simple dash of syrup.

This syrup is vegan friendly, gluten free, GMO free, alcohol free and is made with no artificial colours and flavourings. 1 litre plastic bottle.

Choc Peanut Butter Milkshake • A4 Poster

Choc Peanut Butter Milkshake method:

  1. Add 150ml fresh, cold whole milk to blender.
  2. Add 3x 25ml scoops of vanilla ice cream to blender.
  3. Add 2x 25ml scoops chocolate frappe powder and 3x 25mlof peanut butter syrup to blender.
  4. Secure blender lid to blender, attach blender jug to base, get mixing!
  5. Squirt one circle of chocolate sauce inside the near top of the cup so it drizzles down.
  6. Pour into a frappe cup (1cm from top), add a circle of whipped cream and chocolate powder if desired.
  7. Secure with a domed lid and finish by inserting a straw.

Items required:
PSA314 Simply Chocolate Frappe • 1 x 1.75kg
PSA337 Peanut Butter Syrup • 1 x 1ltr

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