Lunch Box Coffee • 8 x 1kg

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A blend of the finest beans which produces a premium quality espresso with the perfect crema, comparable to Italy’s best, rich, dark and smooth.

With every bag of Lunch Box you buy, you're providing a meal for a child in need. However, it goes deeper than that. We noticed that in the countries growing our coffee, children are going to school hungry without the basic subsistence they need to get through the day. This doesn't sit well with us so we created Lunch Box as a way to provide nutrition for children all across the coffee belt.

You can't focus on learning if your stomach is empty, so we provide these children with the fuel they need to learn and achieve their goals. It truly is Fuelling Ambition in it's purest form. That's what we're about. Providing people all around the world with the catalyst they need to be ambitious. There is a direct, tangible correlation between every bag of Lunch Box you buy and a child achieving their dreams.

So when we say Lunch Box is changing the world with every cup. It's a fact.

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