Cloudy Lemonade Cooler Syrup • 1 x 1ltr


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Simply Cloudy Lemonade Cooler Syrup is a refreshing and tangy syrup that brings the bright and zesty flavour of freshly squeezed lemon juice to your beverages, the natural cloudiness comes from the lemon juice. Experience the taste of fresh lemonade, cloudy lemonade recipes have never been easier with Simply Syrups.

This slightly bitter, zesty concentrated cooler is perfect for making cloudy lemonade cocktails and mocktails but is also great kept simple! Easily make a variety of cloudy lemonade drinks, all you need to do is simply add your mixer of choice and add ice! The syrup pairs well with water, sparkling water, iced tea, and more.

This syrup is vegan friendly, GMO free, gluten free, alcohol free and is made with high quality ingredients, no artificial colours and flavourings. 1 litre plastic bottle.

Comes with: Cloudy Lemonade Cooler • A4 Poster

Cloudy Lemonade method:


1. Add 30ml of syrup to a glass or smoothie cup of water.
2. Stir before serving.
3. Add ice and a slice if desired.
4. Secure a lid and finish by inserting a straw if required.

Items required: PSA340 Cloudy Lemonade Cooler Syrup 1 x 1ltr • £10.97

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